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* For photography, or if we are printing from file say ‘new / current’.


** If you are donating an A.P. please specify the number of the A.P. Ex – A.P. 2.


*** If donating a finished piece please specify any markings on the print such as signature.


**** All artists donating must supply us with a biography or link to website.


***** If it is a finished piece, please provide us with several close up photographs of full art, signature, back of piece, any damage. When uploading image of art, please provide a small web-ready image. If we are printing for you we will work with you to individualize your work as to what size, paper type as well as file size necessary to print the final piece.


– – –


Thank you for contributing and please email us with questions: info@bethschiffer.com


If you are donating multiple piece please fill out a form for each artwork.