Custom Photo Tables


Available only through, PHOTO TABLES are available in 4 different table shapes and sizes, and everal different colors.These tables are conversation pieces that are functional and fun, and they make perfect gifts. All the tables are furnished with a beautiful
plexi-glass top to preserve the image.

Table options are: the KIDZPHOTOTABLE, with rounded corners for safety; 2- 22” square END TABLES, one with a bottom shelf; and a COFFEE TABLES with a bottom shelf.

I ALSO FEEL THAT ON THE “PHOTO TABLE TAB” I think you should add “photo tables” to the drop down because it looks now like you have obly collge tables and holiday tables as options.

Customers have chosen photos of children, family members, friends, pets, cars, flowers, personal artwork, artists’ paintings and collages. Be creative!

After the table- top design is completed, it will take approximately 3 weeks for delivery of your table. During holiday season, add another week. Your file will be kept on our server for one year for re-orders and reprints.

Ready to go? This is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Store on our website.
  2. Choose the table you want.
  3. Follow the steps on our website.
  4. Fill in shipping and billing information.



Table Ideas

Your custom Photo Tables can be personalized to ANY theme that you wish, seasonal, year round, family, pet or event. Below are examples of table themes you may choose from in personalizing your own.

Pet Tables



Family Tables


Holiday  Tables